Our Vision

There is food. And there’s food with a great story.

The kind of story that conjures the aroma wafting from your family’s kitchen. The kind of story that recalls the traditions of our ancestors. The kind of story that brings us together around a table. 

Stories that come from food planted with care, raised with compassion, harvested with gratitude and enjoyed with family. Food that honors the voice of every ingredient. 

We love food with a great story. The kind of food that reminds us of home, but in a way we’ve never tasted. Food that carries tradition forward, with gratitude.

This is the story we are writing.

Our Core Principles

These are the tenets we live by, whether we're in the kitchen or out in the community. We hold ourselves to these principles, and if we should falter, we expect our team, employees and community to hold us to them as well.

Start from integrity.

As a student in the art of good food, we have one of the most intimate relationships with guests of any profession. What we create goes directly into someone's mouth, and into their body. It becomes them. We have the power to make them feel alive, satisfied, joyful — or we can make them sick. The same applies to every detail of our work, and to our team. How we serve our guests begins with how we behave when no one is looking.

Serve with compassion.

Our guests, like our team, have the same needs. They go through the same troubles, and have the same worries. When we are in service, we set our own troubles aside. We create space for our guests to set down their worries, to be cleansed by the strength of our presence and the integrity of our intent.

Cultivate self-reliance.

Our business is a microcosm. How we operate, down to the smallest details, translates to the kind of world we're creating. We support small farmers, tireless guardians of the land, independent producers and other like-minded folks because they share our pursuit of a more resilient and compassionate world. One of the most significant ways we can bring about greater personal responsibility is by upholding these values in our daily work. As a business, as an island, as an Earth, moving with a sense of gratitude not only brings us boundless joy. It pays forward all of the gifts our ancestors have given us.

Lead with humility.

When the President comes knocking we do not smirk with self-congratulation. Nor do we look the other way when someone in need comes to us for something to eat. When we are recognized for great work, let us celebrate it and move on. And when we have the opportunity to do something great that no one will notice, let us do that, too.

Sweat every detail.

If God is in the details, it is because we have carefully attended to each of them. If the Devil is in the details, it is because we have chosen to neglect them. Details are not secondary to our work. They make the work.

Feed the many, the small.

Our work may be helped by it, but fame and recognition are not our goal. They are a means to supporting the true and unspoken heroes of our community: Those who toil endlessly for the preservation, restoration and celebration of the ‘āina that feeds us. When we have risen, we turn around and give back to the community who has lifted us up.