Our community is the heart of everything we do.

Our guests, co-producers and supporters. Hawai`i Nei, vibrant, resilient and wise. Island Earth, our common home. We hold each of these in mind when preparing a meal in the kitchen, tending to kalo in the lo`i and showing our keiki how to find inspiration in the classroom. What we are capable of creating together is incredible. Through our work, we seek to find ways to bring together kindred spirits in service of  the land that sustains each and every one of us.

Education is how we turn wisdom into hope.

Everything that surrounds us was designed, built or provided to us by our ancestors. Often, it is too late for us pay that gift back. Instead, we focus on paying it forward to future generations. To each and every guest, every community member, every child and every grandchild, we offer the best of our selves in service of their future. We extend our gratitude to our kupuna by adapting their wisdom to the landscape of modern life.

Food is the lens through which we envision a better world.

Food, for us, throughout our history and in our tradition, is sacred. We believe the role of all chefs is twofold: To elevate the need for sustenance into an art, and to inspire us all to go home and cook for ourselves, and, more importantly, for each other. We seek to create simple, profound experiences that make the act of coming together around a table the start of something transformative.