A Hui Hou, MISSION Social Hall & Cafe

To Our Community,

When we first opened our doors on March 25, 2015, we could not have imagined the extraordinary response we would receive, nor the vibrant community that would rally around us.

For nineteen months, we have had the honor and privilege of serving tens of thousands of you, feeding you, welcoming you into our space — our home — lending an ear, trading stories, enjoying a moment’s respite amid the quiet, shimmering calm that hangs just inside the coral walls of this hallowed space.

Due to some fundamental differences between our vision and that of Hawaiian Mission Houses for what is possible in this space, we will no longer be able to provide the integrated culinary experience, cultural education and community building we envision for the MISSION community.

It is with sadness carried aloft on wings of immense gratitude that we announce our closure on Wednesday, December 14.

It’s worth remarking, in this shared moment, that the resilient, loving world we envision through the lens of food does not depend on any one space.

It depends on you, and the kindness we hold for each other.

You carry with you the wisdom of the kupuna, the potential for tenderness, the vision of what is good, and right, and loving. That is what we sought to cultivate at MISSION, and we hope you will carry a little piece of that light with you wherever you go.

Illuminate each other like sacred candles, for a thousand candles can be lit from a single flame. Burn clear and true, that others may remember they have permission to do the same.

Serving you has been an honor and privilege beyond words. We look forward to feeding you again soon, in a new space. In the meantime, follow our work at @piligroup to be the first to know what’s on the horizon.

On behalf of the entire MISSION Team, and Pili Group:

Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo for Being.

Justin ⠀