Ho`omoe wai kāhi ke kāko`o.
Let us all travel together like water flowing in one direction.
— `Ōlelo No`eau, 1102

Amanda Corby Noguchi

Co-Founder & Creative Director

In 2009, Amanda launched Under My Umbrella (UMU) Inc. Less than a decade later, UMU has become one of the premier communications and event production companies in Hawai‘i. Though UMU continues to garner distinguished clients and national acclaim, it remains laser-focused on elevating the work of small, community-run organizations who seek to make the world a little bit better every day.

In 2012, Amanda founded Pili Group, LLC with her life and business partner, Chef Mark Noguchi. Pili Group is dedicated to creating a better world through community, education and food. The diverse community of farmers, fishermen and other food artisans that Amanda is building together with her husband has earned Pili Group national renown for its stewardship of native Hawaiian culture. Pili Group’s newest program, Food Therapy®, is helping folks throughout Hawai‘i rediscover their heritage through intimate, hands-on cooking groups.

Amanda is the proud mother of two daughters.